Affiliate Marketing 101: Celebrating Mother's Day During COVID-19

24 April 2020

By Relebohile Kobeli – Digital Campaign Specialist

Every year we get to celebrate the most important person in the world, mum. After years of wiping our tears and kissing our boo-boos to make them better, she deserves Mother’s Day spoils. On the second Sunday of May every year in South Africa we get the opportunity to do just that, but how can you do some Mother’s Day advertising through your affiliate marketing programme? COVID-19 has changed the way we do everything, from working, schooling, caring for our families and shopping for mums Mother’s Day gift. This doesn’t mean mum should lose out on her special day.

One constant, however, is that the internet continues to be a powerful connector between brands and their customers. In fact, with people being restricted to their homes, there has been increased internet usage as people seek to remain connected. What a better way to add a pinch of nostalgia than to celebrate special moments with the people we love. This year’s Mother’s Day may be marked with change and uncertainty, but fortuitously, there are ways that you can employ affiliate marketing campaigns to strengthen relationships with your audience and boost sales in the process.

Let’s investigate how online businesses are preparing for this special day and how your affiliate marketing business could benefit from this through strategic planning.

Before creating your digital marketing campaigns, here are 5 tips you should consider:

Tip 1 - Your audience should come first

Your customers need genuine comfort and support. Social distancing and quarantining at home have taken a toll on them. Show empathy, be authentic and care for them. They are battling a fear of the unknown, loneliness and emotional distress. They are concerned about the safety and health of their families. Acting selflessly will leave a lasting impression and your audience will appreciate it.

Tip 2 - Add value

Your affiliate campaigns should add value. It’s important to be mindful that people have lost their jobs and rummaging through their last money, looking to save as much as they can. Discount and free delivery deals can go a long way. Create content that will solve your audiences’ problems. This could be as simple as educational and ‘how-to’ content to alleviate the boredom. Providing tips and ideas for fun activities that kids can participate in with mum while waiting for gift deliveries can make the day extra special. 

You can place emphasis on new mothers this Mother’s Day. Newborn clothing and products have recently been added to the list of the essential items, a baby goodie bag can be an amazing Mother’s Day gift and take away the pressure of having to spend money right now. Be sensitive to the fact that some mums might be in isolation and lonely, away from their loved ones.

Tip 3 - Add a personal touch

Personalize your content to make it more engaging and relevant to your customers. Data-driven campaigns featuring personalised recommendations and discounts will show them that you understand their needs and are willing to go the extra mile to offer a good service. Track your audiences' website activity so you can share more targeted campaigns from your affiliate marketing programme. 

Tip 4 - Make your campaigns engaging

Your audience is quarantined and bored at home. Use humorous and entertaining content to captivate and distract them from what is happening in the world. Engage them by adding innovative and interactive marketing material across all of your communication channels.

Tip 5 - Offer solutions

A crisis like this is out of the ordinary. People are at their wits' end on what to do to help mum feel special without resorting to retail, help your audience by giving them ideas and solutions for celebrating their mothers and staying connected with them in new and unique ways.

There are endless ways you can bring the nostalgia of Mother’s Day in your affiliate marketing and advertising efforts. Whether you are marketing to new prospective customers or re-marketing to your loyal audience, Mother’s Day can be incredibly important to your business. Everyone wants to spoil those who are important to them, make sure that the gift is purchased using your affiliate links. Helps Affiliate Partners Monetize their Online Traffic

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