Introduces Its Own 2nd Tier Affiliate Program

31 January 2014

We always try to increase our value-added services therefore has considered and introduced a new venue for our affiliate members to generate monthly profits.

We understand that your affiliate marketing needs are crucial aspect to our network in terms of diversity of revenue streams, and what’s better than making money of the earnings that are generated by the affiliates you’ve introduced to

Our affiliate network is comprised of extremely high-level tech which enables us to provide marketing tools such as the 2nd tier affiliate program with unprecedented traffic-tracking ability and stats presentation.

So what’s the 2nd tier affiliate program anyway? In a nutshell, this is one of the greatest inventions within a vast online affiliate marketing industry. Basically, you promote itself on your websites by means of our banners, direct links, and the like and in return you will earn 2.5% revenue share of every single affiliate who you’ve referred to us and who generates profits by promoting our brands on their own web spaces. Feel free to drop us a message should you have any questions! We’ll be glad to assist.


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