Keeps Innovating

20 March 2014

We all know that typical banners and text links work well. But sometimes, it is that little extra which may help you improve your monthly earnings.

iFrames / Forms do exactly that! By “capturing” the traffic and leads right on your website you don't have to redirect your traffic somewhere else. This is where our iFrames / Forms come to the rescue!   

How does it work?  

1) Send a request for an iframe. Go to your dashboard -> Click on Brows Offers -> Click on “Request iFrames”  

2) Your account manager will be in touch with you to discuss which type of iFrames you’d like to integrate with your website (car insurance, life cover, hospital cover, loans, etc).  

3) Once Approved, you’ll be presented with over 25 beautiful iFrames to choose from. From Car Insurance forms to Loans and Hospital Covers. Simply go to your dashboard -> click on My Offers -> locate your iFrame and simply copy & paste the iFrames code over to your website where you’d like the iFrame to appear  

It is That simple! What’s next? Watch your monthly earnings go up! Do you have any questions? Please, drop us a message and we’ll be glad to assist you.  


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