29 January 2014



Founded in November 2010, Superbalist, formerly known as Citymob, launched their new and much improved site model in November 2013. With almost 1 million subscribers, Superbalist is one of the fastest growing companies in South Africa to occupy an online space in high-end retail and art.

Members of have access to daily features, pop-up shops and seasonal lines, offering a dynamic blend of international and local brands across various categories. The common theme for Superbalist’s product selection is always good design. Superbalist is the subculture of great design. Passion is everything with Superbalist online shopping best designed antique products at the best price. Get innovative and think up creative with best value deals on the net.

Cut down on trips by car to the high street and save zero downtime with easy convenient online shopping. Order now and get goods delivered to your door with Superbalist world’s finest design for art and the desire of style. Take the advantage of same day delivery, cash on delivery along with all other unique services that come with


Covid-19 South Africa

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