Best Blog Niches: 5 Topics that actually earn money

03 August 2020

Blogging is not for the faint-hearted, but if planned correctly, your blog post can have you set for life. Despite the internet being well saturated with blogs, choosing the best blog niche can set you apart and give you a head start.

You can increase your following and ultimately earning opportunities by creating content around subject matter that is most popular and profitable. In this blog post, we’ll investigate the possible niches that you should explore to kick start your blogging career and earn a passive income.

Let’s dig deeper on what niches are and why they’re important for blogging

In the blogging industries, a niche is a specific area in which a blogger specializes in. Developing a niche allows you to become an authoritative voice in a subject matter and helps you build a community of returning viewers. Developing a niche helps you in 3 key areas.

Firstly, it helps you focus your blog content. It is a lot easier to build up content and come up with multiple relevant and related topics if you focus on one subject matter. Writing about everything that comes to mind will result in your blog being chaotic and difficult to follow. Visitors will struggle to grasp what your blog is about, and this will lower your retention rates.

Secondly, you are less likely to build a dedicated audience with a scattered subject matter. Visitors typically land on blogs searching for information on a specific topic. If your blog in an encyclopedia of information, you are likely to have a high bounce rate. It will be very difficult to encourage first-time visitors to read additional posts outside their subject of interest.

Lastly, I am sure you’ve heard the saying ‘Jack of all trade’s master of none’. If you are building your blog for monetization, it is important to note that people are less likely to trust your recommendations, if you haven’t established yourself as an authority in the subject that brought them to your blog. Writing multiple in-depth articles about one topic gives you a better opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in the subject matter.

Deciding on a specific niche to pursue, is a decision that should not be taken lightly. You want your blog to be something that you find enjoyable and interesting to inspire you to research and write posts regularly. However, there’s an added advantage in writing about a subject matter has an established audience and several earning opportunities.

Top 5 blog niches to explore

There is a wide variety of blog niches you can venture into as a professional career or even as a hobby. Many of which can generate substantial revenue. However, it’s important to understand that good-quality content and strong Search Engine Optimization is imperative for the success of a blog than a niche.

Nonetheless, the blogging niches we’ve highlighted below, have proven to receive more traffic and generate the most revenue. Thus, giving adoptees a comfortable living through their content.

  1. Fashion

Fashion blogs are the most searched for types of blogs on the internet. It is a lot easier to bring in organic traffic to a fashion blog as thousands of people are looking to follow new and blooming blogs in this niche.

The fashion and beauty industry are unclouded in magnitude, there are equally many sponsorship opportunities since working with products and brands is what the subject matter is centred around. You could easily expand onto other channels such as YouTube and Instagram, diversifying your portfolio and growing your revenue streams.

  1. Food

What’s for supper? Everyone eats, so you can imagine, food is naturally a popular topic to blog about. You can gain quite a bit of organic traffic through recipe posts, and possibly explore publishing your cookbooks and video tutorials.

You stand an even better chance of cooking up a successful blog if you niche further down to a specific diet or cuisine. Vegan and vegetarian blogs, for example, have seen massive growth as people flocked to be part of the culture and continue to do better than more generalized food blogs

  1. Lifestyle

The ‘lifestyle’ blogging niche is the all-for-one and one-for-all type of blog. It requires bloggers to journal their daily lives and write about related topics. As you can imagine, pursuing this niche can quickly be a hit or a huge miss.

it simply isn’t the easiest niche to monetize. But if you create high-quality content and get your blog to stand out to gain the visibility required to grow readership, it will take off.

  1. Personal Finance

Financial freedom is something sought after by many, which might explain why people often turn to personal finance blogs for financial advice. The personal finance niche can earn you anywhere in the tens or even thousands of Rands per month.

While this seems like an obvious choice, it is important to take note of the fact that your content will be affecting people’s lives. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert or have had formal financial training, you should at least be financially savvy or have a good handle of your own, to provide valuable tips and tricks to your audience.

  1. Blogging

Yes, you read right! Blogging about blogging could be your next income driver. A lot of people are feeling the pinch from the impact the COVID pandemic has had on their career, the next logical thing is to pursue an online business. Teaching others how they can make money through blogging hits two birds with one stone.

Time for a quick recap, choosing a blogging niche will help you focus on a single subject matter and build a returning audience. Most importantly, the decision will also influence your ability to monetize your blog. Opting for a popular niche could get you to earn an income easier and a lot quicker.  Our top 5 blogging niches for monetization are fashion, food, lifestyle, personal finance and blogging.


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