How to Promote Affiliate Products on Instagram

07 July 2020

By Relebohile Kobeli – Digital Campaign Specialist

Social media marketing is no child’s play and not everyone has a neck for fame or wants to be an Insta-baddie. This does not eliminate the probability of you making money from your influence. We have covered what affiliate marketing is several times in this blog, so now we’ll look at how you can monetize your Instagram account. Blogging is no longer restricted to just a website, you may not have as much freedom in Instagram, but you can monetize your Instagram content through an affiliate program.

The only hurdle with promoting affiliate products on Instagram is the lack of link opportunities. You should be familiar with the “Link in bio” tag by now. That is because Instagram only allows each Instagram account one organic link. This link is displayed in your Instagram bio. It’s not the end of your affiliate marketing career though, there are ways around this.

Instagram Bio – Let’s start with the obvious. You can display the affiliate link of your best-earning, last reviewed or most popular product on your Instagram bio. Then dress it up by adding a call to action and emojis asking people to check out the link. If you have a haul of products you want your audience to view, use linktree, this will enable you to connect your audiences to all your affiliate links with just one link.

Coupons and discount offers – Everyone loves a good discount. A mark off on an item or a personalized coupon can motivate your audience to support you by making purchases through your affiliate program and most importantly share your links. You can display the coupon or discount offer as a text overlay concurrent with your affiliate link in your bio.

Text Overlay – How many times have your eyes widened to a 50% OFF text? A lot right? A simple text overlay displaying promotions can spark interest in your affiliate offers. I wouldn’t recommend writing the affiliate link on images as it creates an unnecessarily long step your audience has to take to purchase the product, but a promotion text overlay can lure them to visiting your profile and clicking the link in your bio.

Image Descriptions – Coming up with captions is a drag, right? Here is the tea, you should never take image descriptions for granted, people read them. For each image, you post on Instagram, make use of the image description by adding a call to action and sharing instructions on how to utilize your coupon code or where to find your affiliate link #linkinbio. This will encourage your audience to act. Hashtag your posts out, this will allow people beyond your following to see your post, increasing your overall reach and click to conversion rate.

Pay to Promote a Post – Just when you thought you could escape paid media. Promoting your post on Instagram enables you to add a link to your post. Instagrammers can then click directly on the post to go through to the affiliate product page, this increases the chances of them making a purchase.

As you can see, ways to make money online through an affiliate marketing programme are unlimited. There are plenty of opportunities to monetize your Instagram account by adding affiliate links to your profile and posts. Are you ready to get started? Helps Affiliate Partners Monetize Their Online Traffic with Insta-worthy offers

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