How To Use Data For Better Conversion Rates in the Finance Vertical

08 June 2020

By Relebohile Kobeli – Digital Campaign Specialist

As an affiliate marketer specializing in financial products, it is important to invest in building the right audience for the products you promote. For those operating as a loan-finding service, finding consumers who have a good credit history can yield high conversion rates. However, to find and retain quality customers, there are a lot more data points that make up a customer profile that you need to familiarize yourself with.

In gaining a better understanding of your audience, you can personalize their experience, which in turn improves on the quality of the applicants you deliver, increasing your conversion rate. Here is how you can use data to improve the quality of your traffic as an affiliate marketer promoting financial services.

Monitor conversion rates and tag your audience

Businesses are slowing down across all industries due to the pandemic, as such everyone is looking for the highest converting channel. This is an affordable and simple way of getting started with categorizing your audience. Brands are open to sharing a guideline of their ideal consumers to improve sales, you can use this information to populate your audience’s profile as they become a conversion. This will help you plan future promotions, expand your relationship with your audience and recruit a lookalike audience.

Gather insights

Once you have collected your data and tagged your consumers, you will have better insights on what campaigns are suitable for them. Use this information to improve your targeting and develop a campaign strategy.

Some of these insights include:

  • Information on whether the customer has engaged with your promotional material or purchased a product or acquired a financial service using your affiliate links. This will help you exclude them from that campaign in future to improve their user journey.  
  • If you are cross-selling to your audience, you will know which verticals they have recently purchased from.
  • Their shopping activity/history with your affiliate programme

With these data points, you can decipher what kind of consumers are following and subscribing to your marketing channels and engage with them better to improve their experience.

Deliver a personalised user experience

Now that you have categorized your audience according to their preferences and needs, it leverages your ability to deliver content that appeals and speaks to them, rather than making them feel like they are a part of a big bunch.

A high conversion rate alone is a great milestone, in fact, we last looked at how you can increase your conversion rate. But you can also use it as an opportunity to profile and build data points on your data, which will in then result in successful recruitment and increased audience lifetime value. Moreover, you will choose the right products and promotions to offer them which ultimately means achieving high conversion rates on your affiliate marketing programme. Helps Affiliate Partners Monetize Their Online Traffic with High Converting Offers 

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