04 February 2020

By Relebohile Kobeli – Digital Campaign Specialist

Legend has it that, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in commemoration of St Valentine, a priest in Rome who was martyred for defying an Emporer's decree. Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men in honour of his belief that single men made better soldiers than those that have wives and families. Valentine thought this an injustice and continued to marry young lovers in secret, defying Claudius who then ordered that he be put to death. Even though the events were tragic, Valentine’s Day seeks to carry out the bliss that St Valentine sought to give lovers in his time and is one of the goldmines in the world of e-commerce.

An astounding 74% of individuals in South Africa claim to celebrate the day of love. If you are curious what this means for you, research conducted by Picodi suggests that the average amount South Africans spend on a Valentine’s Day gift is R744. That’s a lot of love-shopping that your affiliate program can benefit from with the right strategy.

How do you make the most of the opportunities Valentine’s Day brings? Here are some of our favourite affiliate marketing ideas, tips and tricks to kick start your campaign and spread love.

Understand your audience profiles and demographics

Did you know men spend double what women do during this holiday of love? According to the Picodi Analysis Team, men spend on average R 1 027 while women spend R 461. This is the kind of insight you can use to tailor your messaging and create more targeted campaigns based on your audience profiles.

Point in case, if you are using social media channels for your affiliate marketing, there is multiple research that gives an overview of the demographics available on each platform. For example, Facebook and Instagram are female-dominated, with Facebook skewed slightly toward women with 83% presence compared to 75% for men. Instagram has a more significant gap with women at 38% and men at 26%.

There is a lot more that you could do with demographics to tailor your message such as considering income, geolocation and relationship status to help you determine the type of Valentine’s Day campaigns and offers that will yield the most returns depending on your audience.

Create Shareable and interactive messages

At times, the individual you’re promoting to may not necessarily be the person who will make the final purchase. Create campaigns that encourage people to “share the love” and measure how big your audience grows. This Valentine’s Day, try to craft an online love quiz or a custom HTML newsletter and give your readers an experience to remember and worth sharing. The bonus of this is an opportunity to expand your marketing pool.

Shoppers will be turning to the internet for gift idea lists

Have you ever been stuck wondering what gift to buy a loved one…yes? So do millions of people. As we draw closer to the global day of love, millions of people will be flocking to google, searching some variation of “The best valentine’s day gift ideas”. Visit google trends to get insight on the times and days that people search for gifts. 

For your affiliate marketing strategy, take note of when search volumes increase. If you miss the first wave, don’t worry, habitually someone will be shopping for gifts at the last minute. Create content for “last minute” or “I am sorry” Valentine’s Day gifts to draw in procrastinators. Not sure what this should look like? visit Hamperlicious and try to recreate their strategy and start seeing traffic creep your website.

Cater for the “singles” market

Ever heard of Galentines Day, a nonofficial holiday that is celebrated as a day for "ladies celebrating ladies”? Nonetheless, If you’re not in a relationship, whether broken up, divorced, looking, or just enjoying your best life, Valentine’s Day could be a day you’d much rather skip altogether. Rather than flooding peoples feed with romantic gestures, an alternative is to encourage people to treat themselves to tack on additional revenue.

Position your campaigns and promotions to offer gift ideas for family members, friends, to spoil themselves and their pets too. Think outside the box, just because Valentine’s Day is centred around lovers it doesn’t mean it’s a couples-only occasion.

Retargeting is your best asset

Combine the power of retargeting and the heightened engagement of Valentine’s Day to drive more sales to your e-commerce campaigns. Set up special retargeting and reminder newsletters leading up to the day to remind the late shoppers that they are running out of time to buy gifts for their loved ones. You can make use of count down clocks to make newsletters or Blog posts engaging and interactive. Helps Affiliate Partners Monetize Valentines Day through their Websites

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