Why do Affiliate Marketers need to have their own Media Kit?

28 June 2019

What is a Media Kit anyway?

A media kit is an informational document about yourself and the services that you offer. It may include your website’s demographics / audience type. You may also include the number of your opt-in subscribers, social media followers, etc. Basically, it’s a PDF document that can help potential advertisers establish whether or not you are a good fit for their brand and affiliate program. You will also save a tremendous amount of time by having this PDF doc readily available at all times. Most of the time, an advertiser would ask for that basic info and you’d have to type it out in a mail anyway. So why not save some time?

Who should I send my Media Kit to?

If you are a part of an affiliate network or networks, be sure you share such info with your direct account managers on a monthly basis. In addition to affiliate networks, it is also advisable to be in touch with local media agencies as they represent a large pull of advertisers. So there is always a chance they may use some of your online media channels to meet their clients’ needs and objectives.

How often should I update my Media Kit?

We suggest you update it on a monthly basis. We all know that lots can happen to your web traffic in a month (#Google's_Panda_Update_2011)  so you might as well try and keep it as fresh as possible. Well, if you really think that keeping it updated once a month is a hassle, then do it at least once a quarter. Be sure you mention when the Media Kit’s been updated last time on the last page of the document.

What information is typically included?

Although there are no rules really, and anything that you think is “sellable” should be mentioned, we still believe that some aspects you have to have:

General Information:
Website URL(s)
Social media handles, including
Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook
and Twitter

Contact Name, Email, Phone:
A photo of yourself would help put a face to the name.
Perhaps also mention if you work by yourself, or if there’s a team behind.

Website(s) Demographics:
Any other relevant info such as interests
and behaviours of your website/blog readers

Countries / or country’s regions traffic comes from
Unique monthly visitors, bounce rate, etc
Social media followings
Opt-in newsletter subscribers


Include screenshots of your website’s ad spots available
Mention pricing per placement if it varies
Banner positions in newsletters
Sponsored post
Social media promos


You may ask what tool you can use to create a great looking Media Kit. Unless you’re proficient in Photoshop, you may try Canva.com. It’s a free tool that can help you build a great looking Media Kit in no time.

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